The Simple Guide to De-Stress and Relax Your Skin

October 16th, 2019

The Simple Guide to De-Stress and Relax Your Skin

Stress can affect your mental and physical well-being, but did you know it can also affect your skin? You may be familiar with a few stress-relieving techniques, but what’s the best way to de-stress and relax your skin? You may have noticed that you’re more prone to acne, weight gain, and a hundred other symptoms associated with too much stress. Cortisol, a hormone that is released when you’re stressed, can cause your skin to become dry, oily, wrinkled, or even breakout. In this guide, we will share some tips to help you fight stress and keep your skin looking beautiful, smooth, and blemish-free.


This is probably the most important step for a guide to anything, but the effect that sleep has on your skin cannot be overstated. Sleep rebalances your body’s hydration, and it even helps to smooth out wrinkles. If you need something to up your moisturizing game, aloe vera gel is a skin-soothing ingredient that can make your tired-looking skin appear fresh and bright. And when it comes to stress, sleep is one of the best ways to fight it. By implementing a sleep routine and following it, you’ll help to calm your body, improve concentration and memory, and regulate your mood. Who can’t benefit from all of that?


Sweating is good for your skin. Heard that before, right? Exercise unclogs pores and makes it so that you’re less likely to develop acne. Because high stress levels can lead to acne anyways, regular exercise will aid in preventing those stress breakouts. Working out also detoxifies your body as nutrient- and oxygen-rich blood circulates through your organs and blood vessels dilate in your skin. Exercise and deep breathing can also help you relieve stress as well as better handle and process stress in the future.

Relaxing Bath

After sleep and exercise, it’s time for some relaxation. At Fruit of the Earth, we know that sometimes you aren’t in the mood for an intense spin cycle class that’ll make you sweat your body weight in water. Instead, try our Me Time bath products and enjoy the relaxing Epsom salt soak. It’s like a spa treatment, but in your own home. Not only is a relaxing bath great for your skin but fortifying that bath with any of our Me Time products will give you that extra relaxation boost to melt away stress. So, take a bath when you’re feeling stressed out, and relax your body while restoring balance to your heart and mind.


Who doesn’t want to be treated to a massage after a long, stressful day at work or with the kids? Massages improve circulation in your skin, reduce the buildup of dead skin cells, and moisturize your skin. Additionally, whatever creams or oils that are used during the massage can be absorbed through your skin, so it’s an easy way to get a little extra TLC added to your skin care routine. Do we even have to mention what a relaxing massage does to stress?

Nutrient-Rich Diet

Your body can be stressed and you won’t even know it. That could be a result of a diet lacking in essential nutrients. The easiest way to make sure you’re not missing any key nutrients is to eat a whole-food, plant-based diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables. Include healthy fats and good proteins such as nuts and seeds as well. By having a well-balanced diet, you lessen your chances of metabolic stress, not to mention a good diet can keep your skin healthy in and of itself.

A good, well-balanced diet is already a great start to helping your body reduce the amount of toxins you take in as well as process the toxins that are already in your body. To take it a step further, reducing your intake of alcohol, smoking, and unhealthy foods will allow your body to regulate stress more effectively. Although stress may be a part of everyday life, getting too stressed out shouldn’t be. When you feel the effects of stress creeping into your otherwise positive mood, examine what you’re eating, how you’re sleeping, and what you’re doing to relax. Too much of a good thing can be bad, but we certainly won’t judge you if you fancy a glass of wine in the bathtub.

Do Something That Makes You Happy and Stay Positive

Instead of staying in a negative headspace, unplug and do something that makes you happy. Binge on your favorite show, watch your favorite comedian (we all know that laughter is the best medicine, after all), or jam out to your favorite band. By interrupting the negative flow of stress, you’ll help yourself take a step to the next level, which is to stay positive. It’s certainly easier said than done, but by staying in a positive mindset, you’ll be able to keep yourself from getting too stressed out before it can even happen.

Stress affects us and our skin in many different ways, and although you can’t keep it away forever, these de-stressing tips should help you get it under control and de-stress easier in the future. So, before you get too stressed and want to throw your computer or phone out the window, try to take a moment and remember the helpful tips we mentioned above.