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Founded in 1980, Fruit of the Earth is a family-owned and operated skin care company based in Texas that has grown to be one of the largest and most respected producers of skin care, sun care, and health care products in the world.

What started as a line of accessible and high-quality aloe vera products eventually expanded to our current diverse skin and sun care ranges. Along the way, we enhanced our focus to encompass home and bath & body products, but we never abandoned our commitment to creating effective, nature-inspired formulations.

At Fruit of the Earth, we care as much about where our ingredients come from as we do about where they’re going. That’s why the aloe used in our products is carefully grown and harvested, as well as ethically sourced from a fair-trade producer. We also formulate all of our products in-house to ensure that only the best goes into everything we make.

We’ve always been based in Texas, and every step of the production process, from initial concept to distribution, happens here in the Lone Star state. We’re proud of our Texas roots, and of being American made and family owned. Passion for the company and its mission is one of our family traditions, and it carries through in everything we do.


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As one of the most well-known personal care product makers, Fruit of the Earth has improved the lives of millions of people around the world under many different labels, from our own Fruit of the Earth brand to your favorite store-brand products. We have always been driven to make the best products for our customers around the globe. So, no matter where you are, if you see our name, you can count on the same quality product you’ve grown to know and love.


Since the beginning, Fruit of the Earth has made it our goal to give back to the community by supporting local and national charities and causes. From hurricane relief to sponsoring the U.S. Ski Team, we believe there’s no greater joy than lending a hand to those in need, supporting dreams, and making a real difference in the lives of others.

Year after year, Fruit of the Earth products have been recognized by leading consumer product publications. We actively implement environmentally friendly practices in our business operations. For example, in a recent year, our use of recyclable packaging resulted in the following:

water saved Created with Sketch.

3,234,000 gallons of water saved

trees Created with Sketch.

7,854 trees saved

c02 emissions Created with Sketch.

462 Tons of CO2 emissions prevented

hours of power saved Created with Sketch.

1,848,000 kilowatt hours of power saved

waste diverted from landfills Created with Sketch.

1,624.6 cubic yards of waste diverted from landfills