Vitamin E: Why You Need It Everyday

Everyone knows it’s important to take care of your skin. But what if your current skin care routine just isn’t cutting it? Even in the winter, a good skin care routine may not solve everything and your skin can still dry out. Dry skin can be a sign of a vitamin E deficiency, which is the most abundant vitamin in your skin.  The good thing is that you don’t even have to drastically change your diet to get vitamin E. It’s readily available in our Vitamin E product line, and whether you prefer lotions, oils, or serums, any of our Vitamin E products can save your skin from premature aging or dryness. Here are some reasons why you should incorporate vitamin E into your skin care routine to protect and heal your skin.

 Sun Protection

We all know that applying sunscreen is one of the best ways to prevent sun damage to your skin, but vitamin E is a crucial nutrient that can help reduce UVA and UVB damage as well. Because sun exposure and UV rays can reduce vitamin E levels in the skin, it’s important to incorporate vitamin E into your skin care routine to restore it to its natural levels. With an SPF of 15, using our Vitamin E Daily Defense Moisturizer can reduce the damage from the sun while moisturizing your skin and giving it a healthy glow.

Eliminates Free Radicals

In winter, the sun’s harsh rays can still cause damage to your skin, no matter the temperature. Free radicals affect us year-round, but one of the many benefits of using vitamin E for your skin includes its antioxidant properties. It helps to combat free radicals in your body and protects your skin from further free radical damage. Do you have any scars that just won’t go away? An abundance of free radicals in the body or skin can make it difficult for scars to heal fully. Applying vitamin E oil to scars regularly can help those permanent scars diminish over time.

Anti-Aging Properties 

When running errands, or simply running in and out of the office, your vitamin E levels can drop as much as 50 percent. By replenishing your vitamin E levels, whether through diet or lotions, you can help your skin fight the anti-aging effects of sun exposure and vitamin E deficiency. Perfect to use as a daily moisturizer or night treatment, our Ultra Pure Vitamin E Oil can visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and brown spots, nipping premature wrinkles in the bud.

Lotions, Oils, Creams, and Serums

Vitamin E easily absorbs into the skin when applied topically. Not only does it help repair the damage from UVA and UVB rays, but it can also help with dry, patchy areas. If you suffer from dry skin in the winter (don’t we all?), applying a lotion with vitamin E can help your skin retain moisture. Problem areas like elbows and hands can benefit greatly from vitamin E moisturizers and lotions, and if you’re prone to dry skin on your face, our Vitamin E product line is safe to use. We even carry a vitamin E serum and cleanser specifically for your face. So whether you’re looking for a lotion, oil, cream, serum, or even gel, we have everything you need to protect your skin and keep it soft and looking young.


Although you can get vitamin E from foods, there is no need to worry about absorbing too much of it through your skin. It’s not harmful to use on your skin, even in large amounts, so use it liberally guilt-free. Applying it regularly helps the skin retain water, which makes the skin softer. Vitamin E’s natural properties will also help the skin be healthier and more resilient. We even have a vitamin E daily scrub, so whatever your preference for moisturizing your skin, we have something that can easily fit into your routine.

Adding vitamin E lotions, oils, creams, or serums to your skin care routine can help make a healthier, happier, younger-looking you. So, whether you’re in and out of the office a couple times a day or just looking to boost your skin care regimen, vitamin E can give your skin daily relief, and you’ll look great using it, too.