6 Reasons You Should Schedule a Beach Vacation

December 2nd, 2019

6 Reasons You Should Schedule a Beach Vacation

We always want you to protect your skin, and even though it’s easy to believe that the sun only causes damage to your skin, there are actually many benefits of getting out there and having some fun under the sun. Besides, what’s a better way to get some sun than going on a much-needed beach vacay? Here are six reasons you should schedule a beach vacation, hit the waves, and soak up some rays.

Salt Water Is Good for Your Skin

The ocean is the original mineral bath. Taking a dip in the ocean is good for your skin, can help relieve achy joints, and even alleviate seasonal allergies. That’s right, saline nasal sprays are a popular treatment for allergies, but taking a swim in the ocean can have a similar affect, too. Also, if you go for a swim, seawater, unlike fresh water, can improve circulation by restoring essential minerals that are depleted by stress and poor diet.

Sand Exfoliates Your Skin

Who here has felt personally victimized by sand when you spent a day at the beach? Pretty much everyone. But, one of the good things about sand is that it acts as a natural skin exfoliant, removing dead skin cells and making your skin feel soft and looking young. It’s especially easy to give your feet that much-needed attention you have been denying them. Walk along the shore, and let the soft sand do its thing. Your feet will thank you.

Vitamin D

From supporting your immune system to promoting bone health and regulating mood, vitamin D is an essential vitamin that is often forgotten about. However, you don’t necessarily get vitamin D from the sun. When your skin is exposed to UVB rays, your skin actually manufactures vitamin D. So, when you are getting ready to hit the beach, slap on some sunscreen and let your skin go to work. Even with sunscreen on, your skin can still help produce the vitamin D levels you need. 

The Sun Isn’t All Bad

The sun gets a bad rap, but there’s a reason it’s been seen as a literal and symbolic giver of life for virtually all of human history. But, how does the sun affect our bodies and our health? Although you should protect your skin when you step out into the sun, it’s important to get outside. Aside from getting the all-too-important vitamin D, regular sunlight can help elevate your mood, lower blood pressure, promote weight loss, and even regulate your circadian rhythm, which leads to better sleep patterns. And in the plot twist of the century, a study published in the Lancet Journal is now showing that healthy sun exposure can actually help reduce the risk of melanoma. Although it’s always important to protect your skin when you go out in the sun, don’t let worries about harmful UVA and UVB rays keep you from hitting the beach this summer. Some sun will do you good, just remember block up before you do, and reapply regularly, especially after swimming and sweating.   

Clear Your Mind

It wouldn’t be the best beach vacation without some relaxation. After all, that’s the whole point of going to the beach. The calming sounds of the sea, the vast blue water, the crisp breeze — there’s a reason why you may play these sounds at home to help you go to sleep. Your brain doesn’t interpret these sounds as threatening, so it’s easy to drift off to the relaxing noises. Aside from that, being in a calm, relaxed state helps to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and improve mental health.


Who couldn’t get away from work for at least a few days? By taking a personal or family beach vacation, you can relax, recharge, and refresh your mind. By the time you make it back to work, you’ll feel less stressed. Studies have also shown that you’ll even be more productive. Just make sure to enjoy your time away from the office. If you can’t go a day without checking your email, set aside a half hour in the morning to clean out your inbox and don’t check it again until the next day. This will help you to enjoy your quality vacation time while not letting work get the best of you. 

As some last-moment advice, bring along sunscreen, after sun, and aloe vera gel to whatever beach you visit. We recommend our Beach Club collection; it’s made without reef-harming ingredients, so you can leave the beach how you found it. Also, at least you can say you were prepared for that daytime beach snooze while avoiding a sunburn disaster.