4 Skin Care and Health Essentials for Your Workout Bag

January 6th, 2020

4 Skin Care and Health Essentials for Your Workout Bag

You take all that effort to look and feel good, you should do the same for your skin care and health. Shortly after a workout, your skin’s pores can become a static sheet for dirt, resulting in blackheads and breakouts. Because it’s next to impossible to do an entire skin care routine before leaving the gym, we recommend these four essentials that’ll be easy to use and easy to pack in any workout bag.


This one is easy. Sweat can easily lead to breakouts, so of course you need to wash away all of the impurities from your face after working out. By cleansing your skin, you will remove sweat and dirt while unclogging your pores to keep any excess grime from setting in.

Even if you don’t have time to scrub your face with a cleanser, pack some cleansing face wipes. A quick once-over with a cleansing wipe will help to prevent breakouts and unclog pores. Also, if you go to the gym wearing makeup, it’s extra important to wash your face after you work out. Although sweating is great for you, sweat and makeup mixed together can lead to breakouts as well. Before more intense workouts, try to strip the makeup away with a makeup wipe just as an extra precaution.


Can’t help that flushed look after your workout? Bring along toner. Toner will help to hydrate and cool your skin, restoring its natural glow. Also, if you have a toner mist spray, even better. When you feel your face start to get flushed, mist it all over. The toner will moisturize and replenish those hydration levels in your skin. Besides, everyone wants that gym body, but no one wants to show it on their face.

If you don’t have a toner, aloe vera can soothe that redness away just as well. Apply it after you cleanse your face, and let the rich, soothing aloe cool you off. 


The toner will help to moisturize your face, but it can’t hurt to apply a little extra moisture to your face and body. Whether you only have enough time to wash your face, moisturizing should always be included in your gym skin care routine. 

By doing so, you can make that post-workout glow appear more natural, and your face and skin will look and feel soft. And even though your rigorous sweat session may feel like your skin is hydrated, excessive sweating can actually lead to dry skin.

As another pro-tip, don’t forget to drink water. Staying hydrated will not only help you recover from your workout, but your skin will benefit from it, too.

Aloe Vera Juice

After you work out, you should try and get some nutrients and minerals back in your body. It may not fall under skin care, but recovering from your workout is just as important as protecting and caring for your skin.

Aloe vera is considered to belong to the superfood family like kale and blueberries, and it’s packed with vitamins and minerals. With a vitamin and mineral makeup similar to some sports drinks, it’ll even help you rehydrate after a hard workout.

An aloe vera juice smoothie will replenish those vitamins and minerals you sweated out while not eliminating all that hard work you just put in at the gym. Made from sustainably grown, organic aloe vera leaves, our Wild Berry or Original Aloe Vera Juice make healthy taste great. For an easy smoothie recipe, a few ounces of aloe vera juice, some fresh berries, and water will be all you need to feel refreshed and ready to move on to the next part of your day. If you’re not in the habit of bringing an entire blender to the gym, our aloe vera juice is good enough for you to drink by itself, or you can pre-mix it with your favorite juice. It’s an easy, healthy option for a post-workout drink.

Honorable Mention

We all have to get on with our day after our workout, so whether you try to fit it in during your morning routine, lunch hour, or you just have to speed over to your favorite class after work, here are a few more essentials you should consider.

Dry Shampoo

Have only five minutes to wash your face, your hair, change, and get back on that morning commute? Or, maybe you are needing to rush to meet your friends for happy hour after your date with HIIT? A dry shampoo will help to eliminate that greasy look while making your hair smell fresh.


The cat’s out of the bag. We all sweat; we don’t smell great all the time. Don’t forget to pack deodorant and apply it after your post-workout shower. Just try to remember to apply it before getting in your car and hitting the freeway.


Even if you don’t plan on being out in the sun, you should still take the steps to protect your skin, workout or not. And even if you get in a good habit of applying it in the morning, you should reapply sunscreen after your post-workout skin care routine. UVA and UVB rays don’t care what time of day it is if the sun’s still out.

Everyone’s routine is a little different, so of course prioritize your skin care needs based on when you work out, how hard you work out, and what you have planned next that day. Comment below your favorite workout bag essentials and the latest must-have product you just can’t do without.